AEA is a London based architectural practice, established in 1984, which has worked on an extensive portfolio of projects and won a number of awards. Audley English, as Principal Director of AEA, has been an active member of the Architectural Profession for over 22 years.

AEA’s principal schemes centre on housing development, master planning and urban regeneration for private clients, Housing Associations and developers.

Past commissions have included designs for general and special need requirements such as wheelchair user homes, sheltered housing, extended family units, rough sleeper’s hostels, homes for the elderly, lifetime homes, low energy and prefabricated housing as well a range of multifunctional enterprise and community use buildings.

AEA has played a significant role in the regeneration of many deprived areas to create value through thoughtful, high quality designs and buildings that have sustained enhanced values over time. AEA’s buildings ensure that resources are best used to create sustainable environments and demonstrate that good design need not cost more than mediocre design over the lifetime of a development where longevity and low maintenance are a priority. Project values have ranged between £500K - £18M.

AEA is fully CAD literate. Quality Management upheld by the practice is based on the RIBA Practice Management Document. AEA is equal opportunities employer. AEA takes a positive view to working in partnership and is actively involved in a number of partnerships with client groups, consultants, contractors & manufacturers.





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